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“The A-Zone is what every activist in every city or town dreams of and few get to experience: a physical space that is under the control of those who work in it, part of a network of alternative institutions where people can learn, together, what could be accomplished in a better society. When I saw it years ago, my first reaction was happy surprise. It was only a little later that envy started to sneak in… one major problem I can think of is that there aren’t more of them.” — Justin Podur, ZNet

The Old Market Autonomous Zone, or the A-Zone, has provided affordable space to activist collectives, worker cooperatives, and small businesses since 1995. Beyond access to space, the A-Zone has brought together a diverse and complementary range of people and organizations with commitments to ethical, equitable, and sustainable business practices, the cooperative movement, radical organizing, anarchism, and grassroots cultural projects and events.

We are a meeting place, a training site, a work site, and hub of political organizing, discussion and debate.  We aim to foster values such as non-hierarchical organizing, anti-racism, workplace democracy, solidarity with Indigenous peoples, feminism, refugee support, anti-police brutality work, and prisoner solidarity. For this, we’ve become known locally and internationally as an inspiring site of leftist dissent, collective organizing, and resistance to all forms of oppression and exploitation.

In the autumn of 2009, we, the tenants of 91 Albert Street were presented with the opportunity to collectively own and manage the A-Zone. Natural Cycle Courier, Natural Cycle Cycleworks, Winnipeg Copwatch, Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse, the Rudolph Rocker Cultural Centre, the ParIT Worker Collective, among other tenants, have come together to form a non-profit, democratically-run tenant cooperative.

We come together as a diverse set of organizations that, in different ways, provide energy and spirit to Winnipeg’s radical community. We aim to build a co-op that fosters self-sufficiency and mutual aid – not only for ourselves, but for a larger local and global commons. We hope to strengthen new and broaden existing social movements by continuing to make space available for public discussion, political organizing, and everyday mud-rucking.

The A-Zone needs your support! We are in the midst of an international fundraising campaign to raise the funds needed for the downpayment. Donations of any amount are gratefully welcome. In-kind donations are also welcome.

Ready to donate? Cheques can be made out to our new account which is “Albert Street Autonomous Zone Co-op”, and sent to the address and post box listed below.

Albert St. Autonomous Zone Marketing Co-op
3G – 91 Albert Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1G5


Or donate online via PayPal:


A-Zone Co-op Festival Fundraiser!  May 14-15, 2011

We held a second annual 24-Hour telethon-style variety show, presented in conjunction with Winnipeg’s 2011 MayWorks Festival. The fundraiser kicked off at 3pm on Saturday May 14 and continued until Sunday afternoon May 15, with non-stop live entertainment by local musicians and poets in Mondragon on the A-Zone’s main floor. The event included a special Sunday brunch by our friends in the Anarchist Black Cross. It was a fabulous success again, and we thank everyone who helped with the event, and donated to the cause!       Streamed live, here, at

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For further information about the A-Zone Co-op Project or the fundraising campaign, please contact us at moc.liamgnull@mocdnufenoza.

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Even a small one-time donation can be a big help (and a show of solidarity) to the A-Zone project. (You will be prompted to enter a donation amount during the PayPal payment process.)