1st Annual Active for AZone Aid

Posted by jamie on August 31st, 2012

1st Annual Active for AZone Aid

Chess Tournament


Time: 10am to 3pm, November 17th, 2012, final intake for entry/registration closes at 9:45am to allow time to generate the pairings.

Place: Rudolf Rocker Cultural Center, 3rd floor, 91 Albert Street

Rounds/Pairing: 4 rounds swiss for main tournament; plus single elimination “power of two” for blitz tournament for sponsor prizes

Round Times: 10am; 11am; 1pm; 2pm {since there’s an increment the round times are approximate}

Time control: 25 minutes per side, 10 second per move increment

Move rules: If you touch a piece, you must move it.  If you make an illegal move, you must make a legal move with the same piece if possible.  If not possible, the position is reset to the way it was before the illegal move wand you must make a different move.

Entry fee: Cash only please, $30.

Tickets: The event is currently sold out.


– Coffee and cookie compliments of Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse.

– Opportunity at 12pm and 4pm for game analysis using Stockish 2.2.2 (if one of the players writes down the moves)

Refunds: Cancellations are entitled to a 70% refund.  Cancellations can be done up to November 16th, 2012.

Prizes: 50% of entry fees returned as prizes.  At least 25% of players (more in some cases) will get prize money.  As at November 14th, the tournament is full (36 entries).  1st prize of $80, 2nd prize of $65, 3rd prize of $55, 4th prize of $45, 5th prize of $35, 6th prize of $30, and 7th prize of $25.  Thanks to sponsorship there are also four guaranteed prizes for a combined U1400&unrated section: 1st $35, 2nd $30, 3rd $25, 4th $20.  There will be more prize money as more people join.


Single Elimination Blitz Tournament Details

Time: starts at 3pm

Rounds/Pairings: up to 3 rounds per track, single elimination, round pairings based on tables (eg, winner from table 1 faces winner from table 2).  This tournament will have up to four separate “tracks” so each blitz participant picks which (if any) of the four prize tracks they want to participate in.  Each track is limited to at most 8 participants and fills first come first served.

Time control: 5 minutes per side.  If game 1 is drawn, switch colours and play 3 minutes per side.  If this is also a draw, switch colours again with 2 minutes per side.  The side playing black in the final game advances if it is also a draw.

Move rules: King capture is legal and ends the game; Clock-move, not touch-move (your move is committed when you hit the clock)


1) The Demonic Conjuration (section is full): This track plays for two records from the War on Music Record Label

2) Chess Combat for Couriered Confections (section is full): This track plays for a batch of Jonny’s Sticky Buns delivered by a Natural Cycle Courier.

3) The Cabbage Defense: Sowing Strategies, Reaping Victories (section is full): This track plays for a free 45 minute consult session with Urban Eatin’ Gardeners’ Worker Co-operative

4) Blitz Battle for a Better Bike (section is full): This track plays for a $25 gift certificate for purchases at Natural Cycle Cycleworks